About Us

Garden of Smoke prides itself on providing a select range of boutique smoking woods, all cut, seasoned and selected by the people who use them! We are passionate about supporting South Australian farmers and our fruit woods are all proudly South Australian sourced. We love being about to support our local farmers who are feeling the of the strain of poor weather conditions and supermarkets.

Our woods are cut and then seasoned in house, then cut again to finished size once the desired moisture content has been achieved in a dry and airy environment. Our standard chunks are used by many competition BBQ teams and every bag that is sold to the public is the same quality.

Why are we boutique?
We are boutique because we offer variety a range of woods and also because of our seasoning process. Every piece of wood has been hand inspected and cared for before making it into a bag. The wide range we offer will always keep the avid smoke lover experimenting with different flavour profiles to find the one they love. We also stock an amount of hardwoods imported from all over in Australia because specially sources due to it’s quality.

Our ironbark and bull oak is grown high in the mountains for over 100 years, it has already survived plenty of fires. Our premium product will burn longer and more consistently that other cheaper alternatives. It’s superior taste is favored by some of Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide’s best restaurants!

We welcome your feedback and suggestions
Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.